Rotor Flux Monitoring (Motors And Generators)

Flux monitoring identifies shorted rotor turns through the measurement of the local magnetic field emanated from each rotor pole to identify:

  • Shorted turns on a rotor pole
  • Variation of pole’s physical position
  • Out of round rotor shape
  • Changes in the air gap between rotor and stator

Data Acquisition

  • Ideally used with permanently installed Iris Power Total Flux Probe (TFProbe) or Folding Flux Probe (FFProbe)
  • Inputs for shaft sync sensor (Keyphasor) for pole determination when shorts are detected.
  • Custom built, ultra-high resolution digital data acquisition module, including on-board switchable attenuation for maximum resolution  measurements using virtually any flux probe
  • High speed acquisition capability creates a table of results covering each pole and each load point

Data Analysis

  • The RFAII and RotorFluxPro software provides instant analysis to indicate the presence and location any rotor poles with shorted turns .

  • Analyzing the voltage waveforms in real time, comparing average and discrete flux readings, and trending readings to identify anomalies in the flux due to shorted turns.


  • Rugged portable instrument connects to a control computer using USB and Ethernet interfaces

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