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Here at Omega Africa Agencies, every individual has a single-minded goal, which is to deliver the highest quality of engineering solutions and service delivery to accommodate our client’s requirements. We pride ourselves in doing fair and honest business.

We wish to walk hand in hand with our customers along the path to prosperity. With over 45 years’of experience in high voltage testing / Partial discharge testing / Insulation assessments /condition monitoring and Industrial Electrical maintenance, we are ranked amongst the top companies within this field.

Quality Statement

The prime management objective of Omega Africa Agencies is to supply products and efficient services with the highest level of quality and reliability for the realisation of our client’s specific requirements. As such we are proud to announce that we are undergoing the process to become ISO-9001 certified.

It is our objective to effectively complete all projects whilst minimising quality complaints and maximising client confidence in our competence.


Although we have extensive experience within the high voltage testing and PD condition monitoring field, we are consistently striving to broaden our scope of work and become an all-encompassing electrical engineering corporation. As such we will now be offering solutions with low voltage control systems and industrial automation which include but are not limited to PLC, SCADA and VFD programming. In addition, preventative maintenance services such as various NDT methods will soon become available again, as we understand that there is nothing more valuable than minimised down time and scheduled maintenance.

Skills Development

Here at Omega Africa Agencies we realise that skills are of an utmost importance for a brighter future for all in South Africa. So, we initiated a project called. “Knowledge is power” along with a program called Kumon. We currently in roll 10-15 under-privileged students yearly to the Kumon program where they learn to master Mathematics as well as English. We are hoping to up this number to 50 students by 2022.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We work hand in hand with various NGO’s and development programmes for under-privileged youth to share our success with the members of the community.

Our Main Suppliers

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