High Voltage Connectors and Damping Impedances

Agea-kull high voltage connectors are part of a construction kit system and connectable to any other element of the same type series.

A bayonet nut fastening system allows joining of the elements with each other. End heads with extendible keyhole bolts ensure a length flexible fixing in the key holes of a double toroid or in keyhole brackets.

The high voltage connectors can be used with all Agea-kull test sets. For the installation in test systems of other manufacturers, special end heads can be delivered.

Agea-kull high voltage connectors are available in following diameters:

Ø100 / Ø160 / Ø200 / Ø250 mm

We can deliver:

  • End heads with extendible keyhole bolts
  • Connectors in the lengths of 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 3 m
  • Angle sections 45o with and without extendible keyhole bolts
  • Flexible connectors with spiral coiled tubes

The damping elements have the same diameters and the same bayonet nut fastening system as the high voltage connectors and can therefore be jointed with the.

They are used as protection impedances in case of test object breakdowns and have additionally a filtering effect against partial discharge noise impulses.

The single layer coils are protected against humidity and other ambient influences by use of a silicone or cast resign coat.

More elements can be jointed in series to adapt the impedance to the required protection level. Parallel connection to increase the maximal allowed test current is possible too.

Type Dimension
DD200-1-40 Ø100 x 1300 200 1 40 75
DD250-2.5-20 Ø160 x 1500 250 2.5 25 10
DD200-5-15 Ø200 x 1100 200 5 15 4
DD280-12-10 Ø250 x 1100 280 12 10 1.5
DD300-17-10 Ø250 x 1500 300 17 10 1.2

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