Safety and Interlock Equipment

The equipment is intended to be used to secure endangered areas during short time high voltage testing in locations without public access as e.g.

  • C-tan measurement and potential tests on hydrogenerators in power plants
  • GIS, switchgear, instrument transformer or cable testing in substations
  • Transformer testing in type test laboratories It can only be used with test sets providing a warning lamp signal and a safety interlock contact.

Red and white stakes including:

  • top mounted red/green warning lamp
  • 2 eyes for suspending of safety circuit chains
  • junction box with plug and socket for contacting of the warning lamp and the electrical safety circuit
  • emergency pushbutton
  • removable and stable base
  • short circuit plug

Weight 18 kg
Height 1150 mm

5m long red and white chains with integrated cable, used to energise the warning lamps and for the electrical safety loop. The cable ends are equipped with plugs and sockets matching to the cordon stake junction box.

  • For an easy and space saving transportation and storage, the base can be removed without any tool
  • Adapted system; the circuit can be extended as far as necessary
  • Two circuit safety interlock and red/green warning lamps wiring in one cable; if the warning lamps are not plugged, the safety loop is interrupted too.
  • Suitable for outdoor use at fine weather conditions
  • approved and stable design

The standard version is designed for 24V DC and will be delivered with continuous lighting warning lamps.

Optional available are:

  • flashlamps
  • 230V AC
  • warning plate, fixed on the chains

For a more reliable securing of the test area, fences with an integrated safety interlock and mounted warning lamps can be delivered. They are equipped with castors and grounding connections for easy use in a test laboratory.

Warning lamps with magnetical sockets or for fix installation can be delivered.

To ensure a safe grounding and discharging of high voltage test circuits after testing.

Modular grounding rod, especially designed for the requirements of on-site testing. The length of the rod can be adapted to the actual test voltage and –purpose.

Magnetical operated switch for automatic grounding of a test set after use. They are delivered with 24V DC magnets and with end-position switch. The length of the rod is adjustable.

The switch includes a discharge and a measuring resistor. A control unit observes the DC voltage and keeps the warning lamps illuminated as long as the test object is charged.

For temporary but reliable grounding of test objects in low power testing circuits.

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