Frequency Variable Series Resonant Test Systems for Medium Voltage Applications

Frequency variable series resonant test systems are mainly used for on-site dielectric and diagnosis tests of capacitive medium voltage equipment as:

  • Switchgears
  • Power Cables
  • Capacitors
  • Generators

Agea-kull can provide resonant test systems with modular cylinder type reactors or with tank types. Both are especially designed for the requirements of on-site testing, but the cylinder types are of lower weight and provide the possibility of series and parallel connection for an optimised adaptation of the system to the load capacitance. This enables testing of different kind of test objects with the same equipment.

In difference to other on-site test techniques as 0,1Hz or DC, resonant test sets generate a voltage stress for the insulation similar to the service condition. This gives the test result more evidence and is nowadays the preferred on-site test method.

The systems cover a wide load range and a suitable selection of the test frequency allows testing with installed instrument transformers or cable connections.

The test sets provide a wide load range for on-site testing of high capacitive test objects.

PD measurements with conventional or nonconventional methods are possible if a suitable expert PD measuring system is used.

Agea-kull designs and builds test sets tailor made to the requirements of the customers. The following list represents therefore only an excerpt of the manufacturing range.

Three different types of reactors are available:

DSH-Type Reactors
This cylinder type reactor works with an open magnetic circuit and has a very good relation between testing power and weight. It is therefore our proposed on-site solution.

DEO Cylinder Type Reactors
Have a closed iron core with divided air-gaps and low magnetic stray fields.

Tank Type Reactors
For applications with dead tank requirements. They can be equipped either with bushings or MV cable sockets and are very suitable for being fixed installed on vehicles or in containers.

The transformers are adapted to the requirements of the test set. They transform the output voltage of the power source to the voltage level, necessary to excite the resonant circuit.

A power source with adjustable output voltage and frequency is required to excite the test circuit. Depending on the application and the power requirements, different solutions are possible:

On-Site Testers
Especially the smaller DSH reactors (DSH03 and DSH04) can be operated with standard on-site testers of different manufacturers. If you already own a frequency variable tester, please contact us to check if it can be used to excite a resonant circuit.

Frequency Converters
agea-kull can deliver converters up to a power of 150kVA. They contain the measuring and control PLC and enable manual and automatic testing.

Type Voltage
Diameter x
DSH 04 25 1.2 10 66 50-250 6-153 Ø300×485 50
DSH 03 50 1.2 10 135 50-250 3-75 Ø325×535 80
DSH 02 40 3.2 10 40 50-250 7-253 Ø450×505 120
DSH 01 40 4.0 35 32 50-250 9-317 Ø570×655 270
DSH 0 60 6.4 10 50 30-250 8-563 Ø705×795 400
DEO11-30 30 0.4 cont. 250 50-250 2-41 Ø560×620 150
DEO60-50 50 1.2 cont. 64 100-250 6-40 Ø800×820 350
DEO45-25 25 12 5 6.6 50-250 61-1540 Ø800×820 370
DEO95-25 25 3.8 cont. 30 35-250 14-690 900x850x1200 750
DEO120-40 40 3.0 cont. 60 35-250 7-345 900x850x1400 900
DEO350-100 100 3.5 cont. 127 50-250 3-800 1000x1100x2000 1500

Other voltages, currents, duties and inductance on request!

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