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Agea-kull is an independent Swiss manufacturer of high voltage and high current test equipment.

Agea-kull ag has been formed 1996 by a merger of the two companies agea ag and Hans Kull LTD.
The latter – founded in 1955 by Hans Kull Dipl.-Ing.ETH, one of the leading swiss test equipment and transformer developer – enjoys a long history of services to the electric power industry as a high voltage test equipment manufacturer.
agea ag was more than thirty years specialised in AC and DC high current facilities for testing and galvanic processing.

Comprises a full range of components and systems to support the daily test and research work in high voltage laboratories and on-site. They serve as quality assessment of all products of electric power generation and distribution.

Covers a wide variety of areas where high voltage testing of components is a must:

  • Production and acceptance tests
  • Commissioning and repair checks
  • On-site maintenance and diagnosis
Includes engineering, design and manufacturing of high voltage and high current test systems and components as well as repair and maintenance works on such equipment.

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