Low Frequency – Partial Discharge Monitoring

Iris Power offers the  MICAMAXX to periodically collect voltage pulse data through 1nF capacitive couplers and analyze the data using the web based diagnostic software to provide information need to avoid catastrophic failures, extending the life your asset and reducing the risk of unplanned outages.

The MICAMAXX can also be installed in continuous monitoring applications with the rack mount configuration.


  • Connect with up to 4 permanently installed 1nF capacitive couplers (including the Iris Power CC7, CC15, CC20 and CC30 capacitive couplers)
  • Operates on machines with either 50Hz or 60Hz power frequency

Data Analysis

  • The MICAMAXX can be configured in portable carry case for periodic testing and permanent rack mount systems for continuous monitoring.
  • Pattern recognition and many other analyses including number of discharges per measurement, repetition rate, apparent charge, average discharge current and quadratic rate
  • Integration with CT17 and CT85 current transformers
  • 3D PD Pattern visualization


  • Ethernet connectivity and 4-20mA output options allow for remote monitoring and DCS/SCADA integration on continuous monitoring applications.

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