Loss Factor / Capacitance Test

The PDTech DELTAMAXX system measures current through a reference capacitor and test object. The current is measured by the voltage drop across shunt resistors. A 16-bit A/D converter processes these voltages. The phase angle difference between the high voltage and this current is determined by a novel algorithm, which allows the calculation of the loss angle and automatic elimination of several potential error sources.

Partial Discharge Measurement

The DELTAMAXX is configured to extract Partial Discharge pulses from the coupling capacitor internally. Partial Discharge measurement does not require external shunts or additional components, that is, coupling impedance, pre-amplifier, signal processing, and digitising all takes place in the measuring unit.

Specifications For TANd/C Measurement

  • Test Frequency: 10 to 100Hz
  • Maximum Current: depends on external components (shunts), standard is 10A, 50 mA and 2A also available.
  • Reference/Coupling Capacitor – 1nF nominal for 15 & 20 kV, 0.7nF nominal for 30 kV, 0.5nF nominal for 50 kV
  • Tan: 10-5δ (resolution)
  • Error: DF 1-2.10-4 (uncertainty), Capacitance 0.5% at 5V input at 20°C
  • Display Units:  selected via user interface
  • Power Supply:  Via USB (for PD Module external power required)
  • Harmonics:  Numerically rejected by software algorithm
  • Interface USB PC requirement: Desktop or Notebook, Windows XP, 512 MB (min)
  • Test Voltage Range: 15kV (DELTAMAXX 15), 20kV (DELTAMAXX 20), 30kV (DELTAMAXX30), 50kV (DELTAMAXX50)
  • Standads: IEC 60034-27-3, IEEE 286

Additional Specifications For Partial Discharge Option

  • Coupler Impedance:  Integrated high-voltage isolation transformer
  • PD Band Pass:  Designed according to IEC60270, 40-800kHz
  • PD Ranges:  Depends on test object and noise, 10pC to 200nC typical
  • Max. Pulse Rep. Rate: 40´000 PD events per second
  • Display: Phase Resolved Partial Discharge Pattern and various statistical values
  • Power:  USB and external 5V DC power supply
  • Standards: IEC 60034-27-1, IEC 60270, IEEE 1434
  • PDCAL 20 calibrator
  • Laptop
  • Optical USB link

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