DCR 60-2

DC Ramp Test Instrument

Unlike a stepped voltage test, the ramped voltage test enables the user to separate the polarization and capacitive current components from the leakage current so that small insulation defects can be easily found. A single-phase test usually takes less than an hour to perform and can be done by one person. The DCR 60-2 tests according to IEEE Standard 95-2002. In manual mode, the DCR60-2 can also perform the “uniform time” and “graded time” voltage step DC tests, according to IEEE standard 95-2002.

The DC Ramp Test method has been proven in use by the US Bureau of Reclamation and others on a wide variety of machines with asphalt, polyester and epoxy-mica insulations.

Test curves are captured on a PC to allow easy comparison to similar machines or past results.

  • Automatically ramps voltage from 0 to pre-selected voltage
  • Allows manual user-selected voltage control in the range from 0 to 60kV
  • Built-in safe winding discharge circuit
  • USB connection to PC to: display results as test progresses, store multiple curves and test parameters for later analysis and display curves side-by-side for test comparison
  • Examination of the current versus voltage curve allows test stoppage before failure of insulation and diagnosis of damage, defects, and deterioration mechanisms.
  • Automatic calculation of polarization index (PI)

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