Portable Vibration Monitoring Unit

The CoDiS PMU package includes sensors, mounting accessories, cables, signal conditioning, data acquisition unit and diagnostic software to monitor and analyze vibration on generators and motors.

Data Acquisition

CoDiS PMU is designed for measurement of 16 analog input channels that can be configured for:

  • Trigger Signal
  • Relative Shaft Vibration Signals
  • Absolute Bearing Bracket Vibration Signals
  • Axial Displacement Signals
  • Electrical and Process Parameters

Data Analysis

The CoDis diagnostic software is capable of the following:

  • Configurable channel sensitivity and offset to adjust for different sensors
  • History trend analysis
  • Analysis of waveform (raw) data acquired on-line or off-line from an ASCII file
  • Spectra calculation (FFT and Waterfall)
  • Ability to store condition vector data (the most relevant parameters calculated from waveforms) to ASCII file
  • Orbit analysis with compensation for different sensor position in different measurement planes
  • Data plotting including Bode plot, Nyquist plot and Shaft centerline plot
  • Slow-roll module enabling data analysis down to very low rotational speeds (below 5 rpm)
  • Analysis of any data over shared network through TCP/IP

Optional modules for the portable CoDis vibration monitoring unit includes:

  • Air-gap and magnetic field analysis  is available to provide analysis of pole profile, stator and rotor shape and shorted turns on rotor poles
  • 3D Run Out module
  •  Critical speed/ bearing stiffness module
  • Connection of process quantities
  • Statistical analysis of recorded data (histograms)

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