1NF Coupling Capacitor

Iris Power Capacitive Couplers are designed to detect Partial Discharge activity in motors, generators, switchgear and isolated phase bus for applications where low frequency 1nF couplers are specified.

  • 1000 pF at 50Hz / 20oC
  • Operating temperature range from -20oC to +85oC
  • Quadrupole
  • TNC Coazial Signal Connector
  • M6 x 20 Ground Connector
  • A ground capacitance on the signal output for removing eddy currents (floating signal output, 1uF)
  • Internal over-voltage protection circuit
  • CC7 rated for 7kV phase to ground
  • CC15 rated for 15kV phase to ground
  • CC20 rated for 20kV phase to ground
  • CC30 rated for 30kV phase to ground

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