Remote Mechanical Oil Level Indicator

Hydro-mechanical, capillary based, oil level indicator (liquid level gauge). Provides accurate indication of level at the safest and most convenient location, eye level. Designed for use in even the highest conservator tanks. Includes integrated microswitches for control and alarm functions. Electronic output for SCADA integration is available.

  • The flexible capillary tubing allows the indicator to be placed in a convenient location away from the actual measurement point
  • Up to 4 switches can be integrated into the device for control and alarm functions
  • Remotely indicates oil (liquid) level without power
  • Up to 4 switches and/or 4-20mA electronic output for remote indication and SCADA integration
  • Tank connection (mounting flange) for mounting points on the side, top or bottom of the vessel
  • Float arm and capillary length
  • Dial scale, type and colors

For oil level indication with integrated control and alarm functions. Designed for use where the point of measurement is not easily viewed by personnel requiring separate or remote indication.

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